Device management platform

FOTA (firmware over-the-air) is a modern technology for updating the software of different devices via the Internet. provides FOTA-services which are available to everybody all over the world.

We offer a completely operational product: a professional mobile client, a distributed server platform and a system for statistics collection and analysis


  • is created for updating the Android 4+, 5+ devices (soon Android 6 devices): smartphones, tablets, Android TV consoles.
  • For quick access servers are installed worldwide .
  • Mobile client of supports more than 20 languages in the UI, covering more than 4 billion end users.
  • features flexible management of updates, statistics collection (including sales and activity statistics), and monitoring of devices.
  • works with any kind of update - full and incremental.
  • now able to serve 300 million devices.
  • can update the device, even if the update is larger than the 'cache'.
  • With the permission of the owner can confirm the number of telephone models sold, sales geography, etc.

A professional solution makes your product better!

For whom is

  • Device manufacturers
  • Design houses (IDH)
  • Integrators
  • Brand owners
  • Distributors
  • Retail chains
  • Mobile providers

Get started

1 Registration

Create a user account in the system, fill in the form and confirm your e-mail address.
Add the device, fill in its parameters correctly and receive a parameter globalid for it.
Preinstall FOTA-application into the device`s software. Add system parameter and assign as received globalid.

The device is ready for use in

2 software update

Prepare an update file to install on the device.
Enter and select the device you want to update..
Create an update policy and upload the software update to

Devices will receive a message about available updates for the download

3 statistics will show the number of devices that have received the update as well as how many of them have started the installation and have been successfully updated. will calculate the number of "live" devices for the reporting data and show the current distribution of the devices according to their software. will show the statistics of activation of the devices (sales) by the number, region, software, year, month, and day.


  • If you are ready to recommend to your acquaintances or partners just send them an invitation (invite).


  • All devices added till the 1st of Feb 2016 (UTC) will be serviced free of charge during the whole period of life.
  • Starting from the 1st Feb 2016 for newly added devices, service offers several tariff plans: from free use for the largest projects to VIP conditions without restriction of use ("pay and forget").



Why is FOTAUPDATE reliable and secure?
FOTAUPDATE encompasses 7 independent centers for processing data all over the world (in the USA, Brazil, Singapore, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Sidney and soon in Russia). They are able to serve 300 million devices. The whole traffic is encrypted in HTTPS/SSL (a device/a system, a client/a system). The transfer protocol has an additional degree of protection and confidentiality.
Are there any restrictions on the update size?
The software size should not surpass 2Gb. The following update was installed before 1.02.2016. If your update exceeds the required size, put a Ticket in the section “Support”. Your request will be considered individually.
How many devices and update policies can run simultaneously?
We do not put restrictions on the number of devices and update policies. FOTAUPDATE should meet your business objectives.
I live in China while my clients work in Latin America and Russia. How fast will FOTAUPDATE operate there?
We have considered this issue. An average ping up to the system lasts about 50 ms. Moreover FOTAUPDATE disposes more than 200 file-servers for quick download. You can check the ping at and download a test file.
Registration is completely free and you can check the entire system right now without any significant restrictions. If you experience difficulties, we will appreciate your comments, ideas and proposals. We also welcome your ideas for the collection of statistics and reports on which you need to work